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20 Maj- 8 Korrik 2005
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May 20 - July 8 2005
Expedition of Missionaries

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Tirana, December 23rd, 2012


On December 23rd, 2012, the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and the National Assembly of Reconciliation Missionaries conducted the annual analyze on the work of missionaries and the Report of the Reconciliation Expedition on the work done from November 17th, 2011 until December 23rd, 2012. The expedition organized in all the territory of Albania is led throughout the year by the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation. The Committee and the Assembly concluded that despite the extraordinary results of the expedition that works with no interruptions and without the support of donators or the Albanian government, the number of killings is on the increase because of the number of conflicts gripping the Albanian society. The noticeable lack of justice, the malfunction of state institution and the abandonment of the reconciliation process has made the situation worse.

The expedition reported on the annual results of the work performed in 36 districts, 309 Communes and 65 municipalities. It represented the current situation of conflicts and violence in the society, revenge killings, blood feuds and honor killings, the incentives of these murders and tendencies of terrorist acts.  The Assembly expressed concern about the abandonment of the reconciliation process by dark structures and the tendencies of promoting killings in the Albanian society by turning them toward acts of terror. The Assembly decided this report to be sent to the local and international institutions as well as to the members of the Coordinating Council assigned with the duty of stopping blood feuds, which is chaired by the President of the Republic.

This report summarizes the work of the first phase of the expedition that began on November 17th, 2011 and ended on July 7th, 2012 and the second phase, which began on August 21st, 2012 and ended the day before Christmas. The problems encountered on the first phase and its report was attached to the final report which was adopted by the National Assembly of Reconciliation Missionaries of December 23rd, 2012.

The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and the National Assembly of the Reconciliation Missionaries approved the new 6 month plan of the upcoming reconciliation expedition for the period of January 6th-June 30th, 2013 and the calling of the 4th Congress of the Peace Missionaries on March 29th, 2013 for the purpose of promoting the culture of law and life against murder. Since the period of January 6th to June 30th 2013 coincides with the parliamentary elections, the expeditions, along with the reconciliation process and keeping track of families in enmity, will work to raise the awareness of citizens for a more cultured participation in the election campaign and in the voting based on the positive experience of the two-month expedition during the election campaign of March 20th-May 20th 2011.


1-Despite police's efforts in the investigation of crimes, the violence in the Albanian society, especially towards women and in the family circle has shocked the citizens' opinion throughout 2012 and there is no strategy for the prevention of such crimes, except for the strategy of the CNR who works entirely on a voluntary basis without any support from donors or the government. The killings are becoming an acute problem for the society. They continue to be carried out with high intensity in the north and south, creating stress and citizens' distrust of the law and to their future in the European Union. Conflicts have occupied most of the Albanian society. They are sharp and diverse. The largest number of conflicts and enmities are created due to land disputes where over 50% of families in rural areas and 20-25% in cities are involved. These conflicts have brought and continue to bring tragic murders. Serious conflicts within the family resulting in domestic violence have included 8-10% of spouses and confrontations between parents and children include 5-8% of the society. At times, domestic violence escalates with murders at children's presence. Tragic consequences are the result of conflicts arising from the drug, weapon and human smuggling activities.

2-After the riots of 1997, where 3,000 citizens were killed, the number of murders fell from year to year as a result of the cooperation of the Government, the President and the Albanian Parliament with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation. This collaboration made ‚Äč‚Äčit possible for average annual homicides to go down from 450 to 70 per year. The Albanian government has terminated this cooperation because of the Committee's criticism in regards to the bad governance and this termination has damaged the reconciliation process and doubled the number of killings which have risen from 70 to 152 by the end of 2012. The state police, several times, have undertaken illegal actions for the purpose of damaging the image of the Nationwide Reconciliation Committee. In many cases such actions have resulted in the abandonment of the expedition and the process of reconciliation between the families. Murders of women in 2012 were 10 times higher than the annual average. From 2-3 per year, this figure has reached 25 in 2012.

3-The criminals' conduct in the murder of women contains elements of terror; many are massacred and placed in public places ac as a warning to others. So far there is no interest shown to analyse these crimes by the forensic experts to understand the killer's behaviour before, during and after these heinous crimes. As a result these kinds of crimes are on the increase. In some of these massacres the corpses are burned, people are strangled or buried alive, decapitated. These kinds of crimes have never occurred in the history of Albanians who respected the victim even after committing a murder. These killings are instructed by dark structures associated with organized crime aimed at planting a culture of murder and terror amongst Albanians. In the cities around elementary and high school there are groups that teach teens to use drugs and extreme violence.

4-Another concern is violent robbery killings, injuries from everyday conflicts, attacks on citizens to steal valuables and violence within the school that has spread in unusual proportions. The situation is hidden by the Albanian government and pro-government media who try not to hinder Albania's EU candidate status and to not lose power. Representatives from government staffs create false associations and false institutions who report to international bodies numbers that serve government interest. Ministers provide references only for the purpose of receiving donations which are used by them and never reach the intended destination. In this situation representatives of Diplomatic bodies are totally uninformed or they chose to stay silent for fear of confronting the government. A number of them are confused because of the misinformation provided by the pro government institutions or the false associations favored by the government.


Every year the CNR organizes the reconciliation expedition in all districts of the country, with the goal of having a reconciliation dialogue between families who are involved in blood feuds and prevention of murders, by promoting the culture of law and life against hate and self-determined justice. The expedition operates on an annual plan, a plan of several months as well as on short-term plans especially on the eve of religious celebrations or national events. It is organized on a voluntary basis without any of support from the government or donors. The expedition engages the permanent working groups of the CNR in the villages led by a missionary, a school representative and a representative of local government. These voluntary working groups who operate in 2800 villages constitute the National Assembly of the reconciliation missionaries. Under the leadership of the CNR the Assembly's representatives meet three times a year. This structure is a traditional one and very active in all the villages, in 300 communes and 60 municipalities. The filed structures are supported by traveling headquarter, led by a representative of the CNR chairmanship. Traveling headquarters are made of 3 - 11 members or of 11 to 24 leading activists. In key moments the support groups range from 24 to 60 missionaries mostly in northern Albania


The first phase of the expedition began on November 17th, 2011, but faced many obstacles that were created by the dark structures of organized crime. Two weeks after the beginning of the work of the expedition the CNR and its chair, Mr. Gjin Marku, was attacked in the media with false denouncements made by the state police. This action forced the chair of the CNR to suspend Committee's operation abroad and return immediately and face the blackmail and encourage the continuation of the expedition. Businessmen associated with these dark structures approached reconciliation missionaries and began to offer them money and food so they could abandon the CNR expedition. Promising financial aid they would ask the victim's families to reject reconciliation without the blood compensation which according to them ranges from 150 to 200.000 Euro. They would demand too that if forgiveness was negotiated, then the murderer should be released from prison by submitting an agreement of forgiveness with the court. Throughout the reconciliation process the expedition faced these kinds of interferences that seek to divert the reconciliation efforts into a dead end. The CNR has always opposed the implication of the reconciliation process with the use of money as being against tradition bringing severe consequences and because it is against the law. The inability of the family to make the blood payment jeopardizes the safety of this family and keeps them constantly under threat. On the other hand justifying the killer before justice is against the law and will lead to the reoccurrence of enmities. The CNR has strongly expressed its view that reconciliation efforts should take place but the court should punish the killer according to the law. The reconciliation process requires forgiveness and creating of a brotherhood of the families according to the tradition, without the compensation of money and without the obstruction of justice. In the experience of the CNR the families have been reconciled in a permanent basis because money cannot buy forgiveness. Unfortunately, the AMSHC board has been involved in the abandonment of the work of the expedition; this board is in charge of the governmental funds in support of the civil society; it was this board that announced that it would not fund any of the transportation needs for this expedition.

In order to hide its dark activity, the organised crime has engaged uneducated individuals, people who have no knowledge of reconciliation process, of culture and law who create false associations, false institutions with appealing names such as "the doves of peace", "The league of peace missionaries", "the House of Peace", "the House of Justice", "The National reconciliation", "Reconciliation Mission Mother Teresa" etc… Their goal is to benefit in criminal ways at the expense of the families in distress. The two month expedition of March 20th to May 20th, 2011 reported that these false arbitrators who create false "reconciliation" missions breach the families involved in blood feuds, bring their members out of self-confinement so they could be killed in an ambush by the avenger's family for a payment of 50 to 100.000 Euros. Likewise, for a fee of 15 - 20 000 Euro, these "reconciliation leaders" issued certificates to the courts to facilitate the release of prisoners; some of them were killed as soon as they left the prison. Of 1000 prisoners released under such circumstances, approximately 300 of them were killed in revenge shortly afterward; the rest became hired killers, kidnappers or leaders of violent robbery gangs. Only a small number of these prisoners continued to live with no implications.

The leaders of these false "reconciliation missions or institutions" who are involved with visa trafficking. They have also penetrated embassies and have been able to get visas to USA, Canada and Australia, they have created these collaborators declaring them to be their representatives assisting in the issuance of visas for citizens who want to travel from Albania to these countries through the preparation of warrants and required documentation to the embassy for a payment of 15-20 000 Euros.

Acing advantage of the high sensitivity of the blood feud phenomenon these incriminated individuals appear in the online media similar to the model of pyramid schemes of 1997. It's the same way of deceiving the public and the same connection between these arbitrators and state segments or the police, the media and representatives of the Diplomatic bodies as in the case of pyramid schemes. The CNR has always denounced this secret scenario and has attempted several times to make its position clear to the Prime Minister and the Diplomatic Bodies.  In 1995, there were volunteer representatives of this Committee who notified the government and the Diplomatic bodies about the danger of the pyramid schemes, but the government, with its arrogance and implication disregarded this information. The CNR's strategy on the promotion of the culture of law and the rule of law in the face of self-justice has been constantly abandoned by the continuous disregard of the information provided by this committee. Fortunately, this strategy has the support of all the missionaries and the majority of citizens in the south and in the north of the country. Because of this support, in first 6 months, the expedition was able to get 200 children out of confinement and thus lowering the number of children living in self-confinement from 900 to 703. 111 of those children attended school in September and 46 others left Albania and went abroad together with their families. 17 orphans and vulnerable children were sent to private residences but 23 others refused to go to school and began looking for a job to help their families.


The second phase of the expedition began on August 21st, 2012, and had the support of the clergy and some representatives of the Diplomatic Bodies. A part of foreign diplomats are concerned about the abandonment of the ‚Äč‚Äčreconciliation process and expressed their solidarity with the CNR in its work¬† of many sacrifices to reconcile families in enmity and its confrontation with organized crime. A very important support for the expedition was the decree issued by the Catholic Church in Shkodra which decided that all those who commit murder, including revenge and blood feud murders, would be excommunicated. Initially this decree was limited to the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčShkodra, Lezha and Sapa, but its effects spread throughout the country and not only to Catholic believers. This stage of the expedition had the support of local and national media highlighting facts about the blood feud situation in the country and the respectable work of the expedition. Abandonment trends and threats against members of the expedition appeared at this stage also. In the case of Xhafa Zotaj, when the Committee intervened to negotiate reconciliation and pay respect at the grave of their slain daughter Aisha Vata, which was beheaded and her body was on display in a visible place, expedition members were threatened. Unknown individuals threatened the expedition representatives that if they would make a visit to the victim's family, tributes or statements against this murder, they would be destroyed along with her ‚Äč‚Äčfamily. It was the determination of the CNR Chairman who visited the victim's family to offer comfort in accordance with the tradition and to encourage them not subject themselves to these threats. The victim's family was terrorized and in self confinement, but in conversation with the chairman of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation its members felt very relieved and vowed to have the courage to face these threats.Similarly, in the region of Shkodra, while the families in blood feud received the expedition representatives with much respect, these representatives were fired at on their way back. It was an attack of these dark structures associated with organized crime seeking to discourage representatives of the expedition and its leaders who did not give up but continued their mission until Christmas without getting tired or scared.


The expedition has created a positive experience in the process of reconciliation and prevention of killings because it applies positive tradition in culture of law. The best results in the reconciliation process are mainly in areas where tradition is respected in resolving disputes with understanding and decision-making in the community. In these areas the reconciliation is performed through brotherhood because any sort of reconciliation with money is considered shameful as it shows the weakness and not the bravery of the forgiving family. The work of the expedition was easier in traditional areas as Postrrib√ę, Mirdita Kukes, Puke, Has, debar etc. especially in regards to the unconditional release of women and children who were in self-confinement. The population and the public administration in these areas respect the law belter than in the metropolitan areas. The state administration is not corrupted and has a good reputation in public services. That is why the working groups of the CNR, who are always promoting positive traditions in preventing self-justice, found the support of the population as well as the support of local leaders and police. Good examples of this regard, contrary to regression and negative phenomena that appear in the metropolitan areas, are in more than 50% of communes and municipalities in the south and in the north of the country. Standing out in this regard are the Municipality of Korca with surrounding municipalities and villages, municipalities Berat, Gjirokastra, Pogradec, Erseka, Lushnja Divjake, Municipality Fier Sheganit and Luzi i Vogel Kavajes, Has Golaj Municipality, Municipality Postribe, Municipality of Stone Black in Shkodra, Municipality Koplik, Municipality of Bajze in Malesi e Madhe , Municipality of Doda Castle in Dibar, Valbona municipality in Tropoje, Gjegjan Municipality, Puka Municipality, Municipality of Lezha and Mirdita. In collaboration with the clergy and local government employees in these areas, the expedition and Committee's three pair groups, have been able to resolve with understanding 50% of enmities and conflicts and not leave any woman and child self-confined in these areas. The elders in the villages of Diber, Kukes, Has, Kor√ßa and Pogradec have become the role model ‚Äč‚Äčin community in regards to decision-making to avoid land ownership disputes. The traditional decision making in the community has also helped to protect their economies develop agricultural, water, livestock and forestry. The expedition found that, despite the seriousness and number of killings, in all Albanian lands, the best traditions in defence of life and order in the community, especially in the protection of the rights of women and children, is preserved.


The expedition confirmed that during 2011, 1678 families were in self-confinement or in hiding due to blood feud and at the end of 2012 because of the good work of the expedition their number was reduced to 1208 families. The expeditions were able to get 308 families out of self-confinement who settled enmity with reconciliation, 45 of which agreed to have the justice deal with their case. 162 other families involved in blood feuds have left Albania. There were 903 children who had abandoned school because of the fear of the blood feud, 178 of which were in serious danger. Other children hide in the metropolitan areas, abandon school and carry different identities; they work to support their families who are in blood feuds. Because of the good work of the expedition, during the year 2012, 184 children were set free from the fear of returning to school. At the end of the expedition the number of children in this situation was reduced to 611. Children who could not go to school aged 7 to 10 years are 99, from 10-14 years were 301 and by the age of 14-18 years are 211, a total of 611 children. The expedition was able to resolve with understanding 1600 conflicts of land disputes and 630 of property disputes, was able to reconcile 56 families in domestic disputes, 23 of them on matters of honour.  56 secret blood feuds caused by women's trafficking were resolved with understanding, without the knowledge of relatives and public in general. The expedition notices that for many years the Ministry of Education continues to implement a project of teaching 50 self-confined children. The project did not have a positive result in the education of these children and cannot even bring prosperity in such conditions. The only comprehensive and long term solution for isolated children is the reconciliation between families and the unconditional release of women and children, something the expedition promotes. In contrary to the CNR strategy the government approved and continues to fund the children's centre in Polican. The Committee opposed this project from the start; this project failed because it was designed on the basis of corruption to benefit any other but the children who have suffered mental trauma; the children were taken from one isolated place to another state isolated place away from their families. Of 5 million Euros allocated to this project, only 38.000 have been used to help this center. The families involved in blood feuds come from rural to metropolitan areas because they find more opportunities to live until they discovered by the avenger. The Committee has sent some families to work in remote areas of the south with herds; these families have been under the care of the inhabitants of these areas until they have left Albania.



Reconciliation is the only beneficial and long-term solutions for isolated families. The State and donors would have mitigated this phenomenon if they had cooperated with the CNR and to follow its strategy. The CNR strategy in homicide prevention and the teaching of the culture of law is a strategy for consolidating the rule of law, elimination of blood feuds between families only through reconciliation, according to tradition. The Declaration of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice that would increase the sentence for those who kill for revenge does not solve the problem but it deepens it. This law does not have a positive effect on public opinion. As soon as the new law is adopted the revenge killers will state that they did not commit murder for revenge, but for other reasons or under deep psychological shock from the pain of the victim. With these legal forms the path is open for paid killings. The same thing happened with the adoption of the law to punish those who force families into self-confinement. From the time this law was implemented none of the families who wanted to kill in revenge has not accepted that threatens the killer's family, but only state that they do not forgive. And the story ends there. And the state, as there is no legal basis for charging them may face at any moment the taking of blood. Projects that have been funded so far have not had any results in terms of isolated families since they are used by false associations and false institutions created by individuals only benefit themselves. These projects are becoming more impediment of the reconciliation process. The funding of embassies and donor contributions have been in vain for years and will be in favor of deepening the phenomenon if they continue on this path.

GJ-THE protection of women rights

The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation considers the gender equality as a very important national issue. Today the Albanian man is ranked as a violent ruler. In Albanian families living cities as well as in rural places , the woman has the role of a servant and not that of the hostess. The creation of family code has not given a positive result and is ignored since the first days.  Even though the level of education of Albanian girls is high, unemployment, violence and humiliation remain phenomena that affect them in every step of their life, regardless of their educational level. Approved by the Council of Ministers , the strategy of Albanian government, 2007-2010, no.  913 date 19.12.2007, for the gender equality in decision-making and the prevention of domestic violence, is just an act formulated on paper and is not implemented. It has not functioned and neither has brought any progress in gender equality in decision-making nor has minimized the phenomena of domestic violence.

The lack of women and girls participation in decision-making was also noticed in the local elections of 8th May 2011. During these elections, the number of women and girls in the head of municipalities, communes or municipal councils was lower than at other times. There were made no efforts by the government or parliament to have a significant number of women candidates for chair of municipalities and communes, but in contrary this number was reduced although there was a concern of the International Community and organizations of civil society.

It is consisted that in 36 districts of the country, where the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation has its work groups, 85% of the families in rural areas and over 70 % of families on cities live under the patriarchal mentality of the man domination in family , which is a shame for the Albanian society. Unfortunately the domination of wife, sister or girlfriend is also a concrete reality at the families in cities, the young of universities and the families with a high economic , social and cultural level.

The family crises and the female violation is also due to the poverty that is converted into a stress and depression to many Albanian families. The society do not have an economic raising as it is propagated by the government or international reports, but it has a dramatic fall of economy. The suicides have reached shocking digits, 30% of which are females, a phenomenon that has not existed even during the hardest times of Albanians. The most concerning part of suicides is when they come as a result of unpaid debts taken by men to play in casinos. Although the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation has protested and asked the Albanian government and sate for the banning of the casino activities, because of their tragic consequences, the government has brought these activities rapidly in capital and all the country.

The moral degeneration of the members of government and parliament remains a bad example and it is reflected by the degradation of families, divorces and children who lose control.  Most of the families where the husband possesses a high post in government or public administration, have created undeserved wealth and have passed to uncontrolled amusements. Parallel with divorce at these families it is also showed the hatred and denigration of the wife or husband in front of public opinion.


Abandonment of the reconciliation process and strategy of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation that has been working for 22 years ago to prevent the killings in society, is done by the organized crime related to the dark structures of society and incriminate individuals in public administration. This criminal activity is often appeared since 1995, peaking  in 1997 , the period of social conflicts and citizen's revolts after the fall of pyramidal firms. In 1997, the volunteer groups of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation asked the families in North to stop their sons to go in South to fight against the protesters who demanded the resignation of the government due to the fall of pyramidal firms. After this action, two founders and the main leaders of the mission of National Reconciliation, Mr. Ndrek Pjetri and Luk Velaj, confronted threats and killing attempts until they resigned their duty. Luk Velaj became reclusive for many years until he died from despair for the usurpation of the mission by these traffickers who appeared in media as mission leaders, while Ndrek Pjetri left Albania and flew to Canada after some killing attempts.
Since that time, threats by papers under the door and phone pressures have continued to the representatives of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation in Tirana. Since 1998 until 2005 the state institutions and the police cooperated with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation, a cooperation that brought very impressive results by reducing the number of killings from 450 to 70 per year. But after 2006, there are made continuously attacks and secret scenarios against this committee to break it morally and to discredit it in front of internationals. Even the state police have been very active in these actions and requires utmost to criminalize the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and its chairman.
The plan of abandonment of reconciliation process and criminalization at any condition of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation appeared in 2010 when the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation contacted and persuaded the leaders of the Interior Ministry for the need of cooperation. By the proposal of Vice Interior Minister, Mr. Avenir Peka and with approval of Interior Minister Mr. Lulzim Basha, was decided the signing of the Cooperation Memorandum of Interior Ministry and State Police with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation. The memorandum would be signed in the National Extraordinary Conference of reconciliation missionaries and societies on 10th of October 2010 at the Science Academy where participated the representatives of diplomatic body and international organizations. The interior Minister informed the chairman of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation, Mr. Gjin Marku that all the measures were taken for the progress of this event and that he has prepared his speech. Unfortunately, one hour before the starting of the Conference, the representative of the dark structures of Interior Ministry and State Police, misinformed the minister to prevent the signing of the memorandum. The Minister, in confusion, ordered the vice minister Mr. Avenir Peka , to declare to the conference that the Memorandum would be soon signed. Since that day the Memorandum remains at the office of the Interior Minister unsigned and sabotaged from those who keep control to prevent the process of reconciliation and the cooperation of the Interior Ministry and State Police with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation. Five months after, on 20th of March 2011, the National Conference of the Reconciliation Missionaries and Associations was gathered again to start the two-months reconciliation expedition during the electoral campaign 2011, but none of the representatives of the government , Interior Ministry and Justice Ministry participated although they were as always invited. The opposite sent Mr. Namik Dokle, as the deputy of the Albanian Parliament and on behalf of the parliament he expressed the support and the highest consideration for the work of this Committee. While the expedition which just has started, was working intensively to keep in control the families in enmity and to incite the citizens for a cultural participation in voting, the media shows incriminated individuals as "reconciliation leaders" and declare that they are cooperating with the Ministry of Justice and Interior Ministry in order to bring the isolated families in voting accompanied by police.  This not only did not serve to the purpose, but it destroyed the reconciliation process because it created resentment to the parties in enmity, at a time when the expedition was in contact with all these families. Exactly these irresponsible individuals, announced as leaders of "reconciliation" institutes by request of the dark structures in state police and interior ministry , have taken references with the signature of the Justice Minister and secretary of Interior Ministry which favors their fraudulent actions.

I-the COVERAGE OF traffickers activity

In order to cover this criminal activity, the traffickers have previously penetrated to the environments of national conferences of reconciliation of missionaries presenting as vulnerable activists. Their secret intention was to take pictures with the missionaries and to publish them in internet and to become acquainted with the isolated families, foreign journalists or representatives of state and diplomatic body, because they had planned the creation of "association" , "Institute" or "reconciliation mission" with completely criminal intentions. When the committee understood their intentions distanced and removed them from the offices ant national conferences, but they are connected to incriminate individuals in public administration, particularly with the structures of Justice Ministry and Interior Ministry. At a time when most of  the families in blood feud require more the reconciliation than moving from Albania , these traffickers incite the citizens to take certifications from them and to require for asylum in western countries without archiving  the case at the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation according to the decision of the congresses of reconciliation missionaries and recommendation of Labor and Social Affairs Ministry  no. 1716 dated 29/9 2009. They persuade the citizens to ask for asylum by saying that Europe wants Albanian emigrants since it is invaded by blacks and they would be granted the asylum right if they have a certification by these "reconciliation leaders" or local power where it is said that they are poor, have suffered flooding, and have relatives in prisons and unfairly punished and are in blood feud. They express the guaranty that their certifications are known in asylum commissions because these "reconciliation" leaders are related to the Justice Ministry, Interior Ministry, State Police, American Embassy and European Commission , and show them the references signed by the Justice Minister and the secretary of Interior Ministry which are also exposed in internet websites. These references are exposed to be used even by their trafficker's representatives out of Albania saying to the emigrants that their signature in Tirana is credible and supported by Albanian state. For 15 years, until the last October, there has not been any concern regarding to the number of Albanian asylum seekers in western countries because the requires of the asylum seekers were confronted with the blood feud files archived in the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation, but since the police required the criminalization of the CNR favoring these traffickers, everything has degenerated and gone out of control. In August and September of 2011 these traffickers incited 2000 citizens to seek for asylum in European countries with the documents ensured by them, 420 of which were sent to United Kingdom in a time when there were only 7 families in the procedure and had archived their case to the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation. Even during 2012, the Committee has consistently reported for this harmful activity of the traffickers, but instead of the counterfeits the police has tracked the certifications of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation which are totally based in law, as they are verified by police itself and the prosecutor.

The committee of nationwide reconciliation urges the albanian state

  1. To sensitize the institutions for an efficient cooperation with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation in the process of reconciliation and the dissemination of law and life culture, to create  a common front citizen-state in the fight against crime.


  1. In this cooperation the Committee requires to sensitize every citizen that no one should accept the revenge or self-justice to solve the problems. No one should impinge on the other's freedom and threat their life, violate the wife or sister under the warped Kanun mentality and psychology. No one should affect the freedom of the women and children, as it is required by law and tradition.
  1. Revision of laws as proposed by the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation will be an important next step in this moment and the Ministry of Justice should not make any proposal for legislation on crimes against life and property without first consulting with the Committee of National Reconciliation, because as it has done until now, has seriously been mistaken with those proposed and approved in parliament.


  1. The proposal of the Justice Minister for the punishment with life imprisonment or 40 years in prison for the killers for blood feud, while the first killer is free or he has been only 15 years prison, will incite and not prevent these killings.  Since this moment the killers for blood feud will claim that have committed the crime under a deep spiritual pain and mental shock and not for revenge or blood feud. The same has happened with the law for the punishment of those who threats isolation, or with the laws for mediation. After the approval of the law against the isolation none of the threatening people claimed that wants to take blood, but only said they do not forgive the family of the killer. Similarly, after the adoption of the law for the mediation by license, there is created a market of reconciliation that varies from 150 to 200 000 Euros. The Albanian Parliament has approved hundreds of laws which appears pro European but have substantial flaws because they are not based on the Albanian reality and are not studied before the approval. These laws are the main cause of the non-functioning justice and self-justice actions.



the committee of nationwide reconciliation urges the international community;  

  1. To support the strategy of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and to increase the efforts for the consolidation of democracy and the state of rule and law in Albania.


  1. The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation ensures the Albanian government and the international community that the support of the reconciliation process is a support of law, integration of Albanians in EU. The abandonment of the reconciliation process and the media practice to cover the reality of killings and not to improve it, is a really great damage for the Albanian society.

The research group that has issued and is issuing all the killing DATA and their kind as a research object, also for the police structures and other institutions .

In the first 6 months of 2012 there have been 67 murders, 6 of them unrevealed. In 2012 are made 152 killings, and 25 of these are women and girls. There are 118 persons killed for revenge and honor and 32 others for instant fighting. 122 killings are revealed and 28 unrevealed.

In 2011 there were 1670 isolated and hidden families because of blood feud while now at the end of 2012, thanks to the work done by this expedition there are 1208 families. 308 families of these have ended their enmities with reconciliation. 15% of them have accepted the decision of justice while 162 have left Albania.

The age of persons killed for blood feud in Albania according to the official DATA during the years of transition is as below:

From age 10-16 years, 13 persons or 0.1 %
From age 16- 20 years, 313 persons or 2.9%

From 10447 killed persons, there are 4910 persons or 47 % of age 20-37 years.
37-42 years, 3135 persons or 30%
42-65 years, 2089 persons or 20%

The regional distribution of killed persons in 35 districts of Albania according to the Police is as follows:
Tirana 2466 persons or 23.6%
Shkodra 1839 or 17.6%
Fieri 627 or 6%
Vlora 574 or 5.5%
Berati 490 or 4.5%
Durresi 470 or 4.5%
Elbasani 397 or 3.8%
7 districts mentioned above constitute 6864 persons or 65.7% of killings while 28 other districts constitute 3583 persons or 34.3%

Police data for the killing motives are as FOLLOWS:
Killings for revenge and blood feud 1567 or 15%
Banal motives 1358 or 13%
Property motives 397 or 3.8%
Suicides 864 or 8.1%
Accidental killings 157 or 1.5%
6122 other killings are unregistered, mainly during 1990-91-92 and 1996-97-98. Most of these killings are by self justice for enmity, property and honor which compose 58.6% of total. 

Birthplace of perpetrators
It is mainly in rural places, but because of the demographic movement after 90's they are set in urban areas, most in metropolis.

settlement of perpetrators
It is most in urban places rather than rural ones.

Education of perpetrators
It is about 35% average, 25% secondary and 1 % high education. The others have primary or no education.

 civil status of perpetrators
About 56% of them are married with 1 to 3 children while 35% of them are bachelor.

Profession of perpetrators
Most of them are engaged in agriculture and construction.  

About 20% have had penal proceeding and have been wanted by police while 8% of them did not have any problems with the state.

Professional activity of their families has been 70 % agriculture and 30% in state enterprises.

About 1 % of all committed crimes have had legal arms and 99% had illegal arms or borrowed by others. The reason of carrying legal arms is for hunting and because of the duty in the function of enforcement bodies, and illegal arms were taken by exploitation of 97's riots where army depots were robbed to protect their families.

People that have committed crimes did not have faith to the justice bodies so they were referred to Kanun.

Persons that have committed blood feud have justified it as putting in its place the honor, "Besa" and dignity, also because of the property violation according to the tradition defined by Kanun.

In most of the cases authors of blood feud have been pushed for years by the family, even for the earlier killings that have left an inherited enmity according to Kanun.

Most of the killing authors are outside the family, while 3% of them are inside the clan, brotherhood and family.

The age of victims killed from blood feud varies from 10 to 75 years.

:: Gjakmarrja / Blood Feud

Gjakmarrja ne Keshillin e Sigurimit te OKB

Blood feud in Sicurity Council of UN

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:: Church decree
Statement about the decree of the Catholic Church for the excommunication of citizens who commit murder for revenge and blood feud.
:: Kultura e Ligjit/ The culture of Law
Kultura e Ligjit
Raport i takimit te Komitetit te Pajtimit Mbarekombetar me perfaqesuesit e komunitetit e faktoreve te shoqerise Per Kulturen e Ligjit dhe Shtetin e se Drejtes Perballe Krimeve Kunder Jetes

The culture of Law
From the meeting of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation with representatives of the community and social factors. About the culture of law and rule of Justice in facing crimes against human life

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