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False allegation of Police against CNR and Gjin Marku

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Bashkejetesa Shqiptaro-Serbe

Albanian-Serb Cohabitation

20 Mars- 20 Maj 2011
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20 March- 20 May 2011
Report of Reconcilation Expedition 2011

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20 Maj- 8 Korrik 2005
Ekspeditë e Misionarëve

May 20 - July 8 2005
Expedition of Missionaries

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Nr 3/4 prot
Tiranë më 30 prill 2004


For the investigations of crimes toward the population committed through the establishment of terrains for massive murders and dangerous projects for the life and environment, as well as the prevention of the connections of international mafia with the political leadership and representatives of diplomatic corps in Albania.

Addressed to:
President of Republic of Albania and National Security Council
General Prosecutor of Republic of Albania
Constitutional Court of Republic of Albania
European Commission
Representatives of diplomatic corps and international organizations

Regarding the file nr: OTP-CR-134/07 – In the International Criminal Court- Prosecutor’s Office, Hague

Honorable Mr. President of Republic and Chairman of National Security Council
Honorable Mrs. General Prosecutor of Republic of Albania
Honorable members of Constitutional Court
Your Excellency

Whilst the International Community is interested for accelerating the acceptance of Albania in the NATO and European Union, operators of international mafia have turned the territory of this country in private terrains of dark criminal activity, extremely dangerous for the Albanian population. The incident on March 15th 2008 in the suburbs of the Albanian capital city, where 26 people (women and children amidst them) ended up dead, more than 300 others were injured and thousands of houses were obliterated by the explosion of the ammunitions gathered for secrete trade, is only one of the tragic cases of the activity of this mafia and only one of the dangers that threaten the life of Albanians.
Impelled by these predicaments, a year ago on April 14th 2007, the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation addressed a memo to the European Court for Human Rights and International Criminal Court. In this document we stressed that the operators of this mafia connected with anti-Albanian lobbies continue to perform blatant criminal activities against the population and national integrity of this country, in the same way they simulated the turmoil in 1997 for embezzling people’s wealth and inciting the citizens in a civil war where about 1500 persons died: (“Memo, Nr. 001/4 prot.; - April 14th 2007 Tirana- About the flagrant violations of human rights and the actions against national integrity of Albanians; the necessity of sentence of crimes on the population in the events of 1997; and the requisition of measures for the prevention of murder crimes. –Ref: OTP-CR-134/07 –International Criminal Court –The office of the Presecutor – HAGUE.)

This document, based on the Universal Declaration of UN for Human Rights, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and on the International Covenant for the Civil and Political Rights, was presented to all the international organizations, representatives of diplomatic corps in Tirana, Albanian parliament and to the most important institutions of Albanian state, which unfortunately, did not act in response. Whilst the European Court is giving justice to all the Albanian citizens for all the cases that we have handled and the Prosecutor’s Office in Hague has responded with appropriateness to our request, the institutions of Albanian state and the leadership of political parties have intensified the cooperation with the operators of inhuman mafia, not only in the secret weapon trade, but also in other businesses, very dangerous for the life of citizens and environment. The tragic incident on March 15th 2008 is a consequence of this lack of response and cooperation with the mafia.

Considering the way in which this crime is being treated by the government and the main political leaders, making efforts to minimize it and exerting pressure on the prosecution office, we think it is necessary to address to you again for condemning these crimes, for preventing other massive murders in the terrains sat up during these years and stop the further ruination of the lives of Albanians. In this case, the Albanian government was directly involved in a secret weapons deal with a massive murder as a consequence, and as in many other cases, it has coordinated its activity with the international mafia in business deals that have caused and will cause very severe crimes against people’s lives and the environment. The evidences show that for many years, decisions of Ministers Council and laws and amendments of laws approved with urgency with the votes of the majority in parliament have favored the criminal activities and strategy of this mafia.

Even after the incident the government did not announce the danger that threatens the population after this explosion. The Public Health Institution has warned that the area will be infected for the next 20 years and it is a hazard for the life of the citizens. Years ago, the media released the warning that the port of Durres, near which these ammunitions were collected, is a transition point of the international market of radioactive substances. The secrete services have been informed a long time ago that suspicious ships involved in weapon trades, navigate in the Albanian area of Adriatic Sea and unload there wastes of substances with high radioactive hazard. Furthermore, in the Albanian coast line of Adriatic and Ionian Sea, there exits submarine mines and missiles of different calibers that many times are found by divers – evidences say that a part of them are dumped in the sea after the incidents in 1997.
Since the countries of the European Union have demanded the prohibition of the businesses that are highly dangerous for lives and environment, this mafia has negotiated for transferring them in the Albanian territory and for placing them mainly near the coastline for convenience and more profits. Albanian government, in accordance with the political opposition, is initiating laws and governmental decision that support these inhuman businesses. While the government violates and detains the operators of civil society that express objection, the political opposition stays silent and boycotts the protests. Even though for many years, in the polluted areas biologically mutated animals and children are born, the Albanian government and the international organizations have remained silent. The only organization that raised the voice about the massive spread of the cancerous diseases among Albanians is UN.

The projects of the relocation of tens of thousands of tons of waste every day from Italy to Albania, or the establishment of TEC-s of all kinds of pollution in Vlora and other parts of the coast line are flagrant acts of the connections of this mafia with the leadership of both wings of Albanian politics. AMBO project (held forth as a project of American interests) is designated to unload 40 million tons of oil every year in Vlora Bay with an investment of about 1 billion dollars, when only for the protection of the ecological system the beneficiaries should pay not less than 20 billion dollars – an amount that they can gain in 3-4 years. Furthermore, the agreements for the establishment of the giants of cement production in the Albanian territories like in Elbasan, Fushe Kruje, Balldre etc. are other huge hazards for the life of the citizens and the environment. The government propagates these foreign investments as successes, and even the prime minister attends their inauguration. The effect of pollution of environment will be catastrophic from Balldren up to Durres hills, meanwhile as an investment only the cost of the fabric it taken into account.

The compromise of the two political parties is leading also to the establishment of nuclear power stations, outlawed in other countries. The proposals of ally countries for the usage or hydro and wind resources for the production of electrical energy continue to face avoidance exactly by the influence of the operators of this mafia on the politics. During these years this mafia has sought after the avoidance of the rehabilitation of these hydroelectric power plants and the lack of plans for new hydroelectric structures which would be a great investment for tourism and ecology as well. At any period of heavy rains, the weakened dams of the hydroelectric power plants of Koman and Vau i Dejes are in danger of breaking down and killing about 200 thousands citizens of the areas of Nen-Shkoder, Zadrima and the city of Lezha.

Apart the hazards mentioned above there are many other terrains that at any instant run the risks of massive murders of citizens. For ease and maximal profit, in the coastal cities there have been established deposits with thousands of tons of oil and other dangerous substances for the population, lacking any safety precautions for the lives of the citizens. Furthermore hundreds of gas stations are built next to apartment buildings in many cities of the country. 70 000 families in the cities are threatened by the intervention in the foundations and in the basic structure of the buildings for opening different kind of stores. In the informal areas the lives of many families is threatened because of the impossibility of fire truck interventions. Even the buildings constructed with the approval of the city halls do have any safety exits designated for the citizens in case of fire.

The involvement of the politicians of the main parties in the activity of this international mafia has continuously served the plan of the elongation of crisis and the impediment of development of the domestic economy, in order for the operators of this mafia to get the resources and assets much more cheaply. The Albanian underground resources, which constitute in extraordinary assets in minerals, are handed almost freely to foreign anonymous companies. Their obsession with maximal profit is exploiting in an inhumane way the workers in the underground galleries who work without any kind of insurance. Even though the government has faced every year the tragedies in mines, no measures were taken for stopping the murders of the underground workers, or for the rehabilitation of the families of the victims.

Serving the interests of the anti-Albanian lobbies and of the operators of this mafia in creating chaos, for 20 years the approval of the urban plan has been obstructed. The law for the legalization of illegally built houses, which hinders not only the future of the urban development but also the normal life of the citizens and scams the landlords and the dwellers for electoral purposes, is being dealt with in the same way. With the intention of not reallocating the lands to their owner but usurping them, law 7501 - a law that has caused so many enmities and murders and has left Albania barren- was ratified from the beginning of pluralism with the consensus of the two main political parties. Unfortunately the members of the Albanian parliament do not understand that the majority of the decisions of the governments and laws that they have voted for with their own hands are the main support of the strategy of this mafia that tries to remodel Albanian territory according to its long-term interests.

The main political parties continue to cover up the catastrophic situation of the country with demagogy, by withholding the population poor and attached to the propaganda of media in order for them to take over the government in turns. This manipulation continues also in the success of the agreements with NATO and EU, at a time when Albanian people is the poorest and most endangered in Europe. Albanians can never be successful in NATO and EU if their envied Mediterranean territory and natural resources will not be developed for helping their economies and lives. The leadership of the two main political parties will realistically contribute for the acceptance in NATO and EU if it will cut any connections with the mafia and will change the direction of the politics toward the avail of the Albania citizens and if it will take the necessary steps for the reforms and laws not acting in the same way it did these days with the constitution. If there is a need for constitutional changes they will have to be very essential and focusing on: – guaranteeing free vote and participation of all the citizens in elections, - guaranteeing equity under the law and the removal of immunity of politicians, - guaranteeing justice and the independence of judiciary, -establishing independent prosecutions institutions, - guaranteeing freedom and independence of media, -consolidating the institutions responsible for security and the endorsement of the competences of the National Security Council, - establishing gender equality as constitutional principle etc.

Interfering in the constitution for serving the interest of the two leaders of the main political parties and narrowing the parliamentary debate only in two parties are not values of democracy or the western parliamentary tradition. In the actual conditions, the latest decision of the parliament is an attack toward democracy, rule of law and citizens’ interests. Unfortunately in the deals of the Albanian government with mafia are involved diplomats and representatives of international organizations as well, who dictate on democracy and support the act in the Albanian parliament on April 21st 2008. The constitution and the decisions to make changes on it are a right of the citizens and the western diplomacy should defend this right, disallowed by the leadership of the main political parties. The citizens are choosing self-justice because more and more every day they are having the perception that the law is a property of mafia in politics. Because of self-justice till today more than 5000 Albanians have lost their lives and thousands of families, who have found a solution only in the tradition of reconciliation and emigration, have been deprived from freedom. Albanian political leaderships (the one in power and the one in opposition) are insensitive toward the tragedy on March 15th 2008, toward the murder of innocent citizens, miserable situation of the Albanian population, extreme poverty and barbarian exploitation of children, blood feud and isolation, the unprecedented suicides and endless emigration because they are involved in the economical and financial interest of the ruthless global mafia

Regarding the above mentioned the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation:

Addresses to the President of the Republic of Albania and requires:

1- The exertion of its institutional authority for examining the above mentioned problems and all the issues treated in the Memo of the date April 14th 2007 (addressed to this institution) and analyze them in the National Security Council in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of Republic of Albania
2- The exertion of its authority for gathering official information and cutting the connections of the operators of mafia with the government officials and the leadership of political parties.
3- The exertion of its authority for the establishment of a permanent round table of the political parties for discussions on the reforms, laws and strategies of development serving the progress of the country and the wellbeing of the citizens.
4- The exertion of its authority for bringing forward again the discussion in parliament and amongst people including the all the parts of the society about the decision of the Albanian Parliament on April 21st 2008 on the constitutional amendments.

Addresses to the General Prosecutor of Republic of Albania and requires:

1- The examination of the denunciation risen in this document and in the Memo of the date April 14th 2007 and the penal prosecution of all the ministers and prime ministers that with their inactivity have brought the above mentioned consequences over years.
2- The investigation on the undeclared assets of all the members of the governmental cabinets, political leadership, prime ministers, members of the parliament and on the financial sources of the political parties and their connections with mafia.
3- The investigation on all the decisions of the governments, laws and resolutions of the Albanian parliament that are sanctioned in opposition with the interest of Albania people and have had grave consequences on the lives of citizens and environment.
Penal prosecution of the initiators of these laws and governmental decisions and restoration of the confidence of Albanians on the state and justice

Addresses to the Constitutional Court of Republic of Albania and requires:

1- The examination of the issues mentioned in this request and in the Memo of the date April 14th 2007 for abolishing all the decision of the Ministers Council and all the laws that are in opposition with the interests of Albanian society, with the Constitution of Albania, International Charters of Human Rights and that have brought the consequences mentioned in these documents.
2- The examination and the abolishment of the decision of the parliament on April 21th 2008 for the amendments in the Constitution of the Republic of Albania.

Addresses to the International Criminal Court in Hague and requires:
1- Its assistance in the Republic of Albania in accordance with its status and competences for the investigation of crimes on the Albanian population mentioned in this document, and the coordination of the work with national institutions for the right adjudication of this issues, in accordance with the Constitution of Republic of Albania and the signed International Acts.

On behalf of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation

Gjin Marku

:: Gjakmarrja / Blood Feud

Gjakmarrja ne Keshillin e Sigurimit te OKB

Blood feud in Sicurity Council of UN

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:: Church decree
Statement about the decree of the Catholic Church for the excommunication of citizens who commit murder for revenge and blood feud.
:: Kultura e Ligjit/ The culture of Law
Kultura e Ligjit
Raport i takimit te Komitetit te Pajtimit Mbarekombetar me perfaqesuesit e komunitetit e faktoreve te shoqerise Per Kulturen e Ligjit dhe Shtetin e se Drejtes Perballe Krimeve Kunder Jetes

The culture of Law
From the meeting of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation with representatives of the community and social factors. About the culture of law and rule of Justice in facing crimes against human life

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