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False allegation of Police against CNR and Gjin Marku

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Bashkejetesa Shqiptaro-Serbe

Albanian-Serb Cohabitation

20 Mars- 20 Maj 2011
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20 March- 20 May 2011
Report of Reconcilation Expedition 2011

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20 Maj- 8 Korrik 2005
Ekspeditë e Misionarëve

May 20 - July 8 2005
Expedition of Missionaries

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Tirana January 20,  2016


To: the Albanian people
Assembly of the United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe, NATO, OSCE, the G8 leaders and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

TV. News

Nationwide Reconciliation Committee, established for coexistence, gender equality and integration of Albanians in the European Union expresses the deep indignation of Reconciliation Missionaries from all Albanian territories for acts of inhuman killings of innocent citizens anywhere in the world by the hand of terrorism and fundamentalism. In this difficult moment for all mankind, Nationwide Reconciliation Committee brings to the attention of the international community the fact that the Albanians have preserved and cultivated for centuries the values ​​of coexistence, peace, freedom and human dignity.

In their tradition Albanians have put their right before religion and ideologies, have cultivated love and respect for other’s culture and origin by realizing when ever fraternal interethnic and religious coexistence. With their ancient the code of ethics, Canon, they stopped every action that violates this coexistence, freedom and human rights, democracy and the rule in community, equality before the law, human dignity. This code of ethics defended Jews in the Second World War as in no other country in the world.

Nationwide Reconciliation Committee and reconciliation missionaries express their deepest conviction that the danger of a new world war is fueled by barbaric ideology, extreme, unacceptable by the peoples of the world. True believers, of any religion, cannot possibly be the cause of the birth of this global terrorism or war between nations. 25 years’ experience of our voluntary work for the reconciliation of families in enmity has made it possible for us to penetrate the depths of the believers consciousness and knowing that they want life in peace and freedom more than under the rule of religions and ideologies and condemn any extreme perspective.

"Albanians - said in Tirana Pontific (Pope Francesco) - are not simply citizens of different religions living in harmony and tolerance, but have full religious brotherhood". With this brotherly love they celebrate religious holidays together and marry among them Muslims and Christians. At any time all Albanian territories, from the ordinary citizen to the most prominent leaders, like, Ali Pasha, Ismail Qemali,  and Ahmet Zogu, were Christians with Muslim spouses and vice versa. From Princess Teuta, three hundred years before Christ, until now, Albanian women and girls have enjoyed freedom and equal rights with men without being subjected to religious dogmas.

During  500 years Ottoman occupation, 70% of the Albanian nation embraced Islam, but retained the love and dedication the  Christian culture habits by applying Islamism as an asset for the peace of mankind. Albanian Islam is now national culture, part of contemporary civilization that must be protected. Five Balkan countries where Albanians live are working with commitment to peace in the region and their integration in the European Union.

Unfortunately, in these 25 years of transition, this value has been shattered from  radical groups by displaying elements that do not belong to the Albanian culture, but neither Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic or Bektashi culture of Albanian believers. These currents and groups work secretly for the spread of fundamentalism in the Balkans through Albanian territory. They have asked first lithe distortion of ethic customary law of Albanians by promoting revenge, barbaric killings for revenge and blood feud, including women and children, have promoted  the killings of mothers in front of their children, have initiated violence against girls and massacred them on honor issues, in flagrant contradiction with the Canon.

We Albanian territories from Montenegro to the border with Greece are established hundreds of Mosques without the Albanian Muslim contribution of traditional community participation. A considerable number of young Albanian children have become part of the ISIS formations. They are supported by the structures of organized crime and terrorism that in 1997 when around 3000 Albanians were  killed due to the hate-mongers among them. It was the  reconciliation missionaries that had stopped bloodshed by convincing Albanian families in the north of the country to not send boys to war against the citizens of southern protesters, who were held as Orthodox connected with Serbia and Greece.
Terrorist structures had also engaged in this bloodshed in criminated segments of former secret service, SHIK, who executed hundreds of people without trial, calling them pro-Greek or pro-Serbian. These secret structures of terrorism  have opposed at every step the strategy of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation for the dissemination of culture and promotion of traditional law in reliance of the rule of law. They have occasionally undermined the reconciliation process with the killing of missionaries and promotion of blood feuds between families. In the last five years this war against the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation, the tradition of coexistence and culture of law is focused on online promotion of killings between the families in enmity by defamation and undermining the image of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation by deleting and  contaminating with  the offensive languages the workvideos of this committee.

NRC has considered multiple murders after the fall of communism as barbaric murder in  violation of the  Canon and  blood feud rules. Canon would  not accept any of these killings as revenge and would punish any violence against women, every threat with  isolation of women and children. They are forced to immobilize themselves in fear of their barbaric acts against them as has happened in many cases. These murders and threats not related to tradition but terrorism strategy that is intensifying efforts to be expanded in the Balkans through the territories inhabited by Albanians. In the game of this criminal strategy have fallen often representatives of the media, politics, foreign embassies and international organizations in Albania.

Faced with this war of underground terrorism and fundamentalism, NRC has worked with commitment, voluntarily and determination to spread the culture of law and promotion of tradition to support the rule of law enabling inhibition of over 60% murders. NRC's and its reconciliation missionaries, working voluntarily according to the positive tradition in every village and city in the country, have made it possible that in these 25 years of transition to prevent over 100,000 barbaric killings driven among Albanian families in conflicts and blood feud.
The new government of National Renaissance and the state police have decided that in 2013 in direct cooperation with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation enabling reduction by 50% to the number of victims of murders for revenge and blood feud. The  Government and NRC have a clear strategy to tackle these currents of terrorism in the Albanian territory, but did not have enough support from the international community, especially the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance Western and member countries of the G8.

 In the letter that NRC sent Pope Francesco in July 2014, two months before his visit to Albania, as well as other documents sent to the UN, NATO, EU, Council of Europe, OSCE etc., we argued that Albanians should be supported as they have traditionally been victims of the war between east and west. They bore the brunt of the severe damage in the last two world wars and the division of their territory in five states for the interest of the big powers. Today the Albanians are working with dedication for a united Europe against nationalist ideas of radical religious currents but should have the necessary support of the international community. It is the moral obligation of the big powers to give their generous contribution to this wise and peaceful nation, which was sacrificed in the two world wars for peace.

NRC has repeatedly asked the state institutions, order organs and justice to investigate with great responsibility on the strategy of terrorism against the Albanian tradition because it is aiming for years to establish its structures in the Balkans. Albania's Muslim community should be supported and encouraged to take control of all mosques built without its permission from terrorist groups working for the spread of radicalism against World Peace Alliance.

NRC requires to the Albanian state and Prosecution to bring to justice all those individuals who obstruct the work of the strategy of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation to stop the killings of promoting the culture of law. The meeting of the civil society representatives dated December 19, 2015 under the direction of the Global Center for  Justice and Transparency confirms that the game of terrorism in the media of the Internet against the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation have caused several immigration offices to deport from Western countries hundreds of orphans and families in blood feud who were killed or are recruited by ISIS when they have returned in Albania.

Unfortunately this serious situation worse against Albanian families that emigrate because of the feud has been created by hasty political decisions of some Western countries to proclaim Albania as a safe country out of reality. Albania's new Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama, who is leading the country with his vision to the  consolidation of the rule of law and integration in the European Union, stressed in  the meeting with the German Chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkel that Albanians emigrate not only for social reasons but also security. Likewise a year ago Albanian Parliament has adopted a resolution that considers the phenomenon of barbaric murders for revenge and blood feud as a worrisome problem that requires cooperation not only of Albanian institutions but also international organizations and Western countries.

It is positive the fact that new government of the Renaissance, unlike previous ones, has restored its cooperation relations with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation, and is assisting in the investigation of groups that sabotage our technical work ensuring that the number of murders for 2015 be 50% less. We are grateful that we have now established a direct collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, that of the Ministry of Interior as well as the Directorate General of State Police, but this cooperation must be  established also with the immigration offices of

Western countries.
Given this need for cooperation with the Committee, the Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Youth, Mr. Erjon Veliaj has reconvened the prosecution and judiciary in 2014 Recommendation No. 1716 dated 29. 09. 2009 for local and international institutions for the establishment of families and individuals endangered by blood feuds and revenge killings, the opinion of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation be considered, to eliminate the uncertainties of false data sources. Based on this recommendation the prosecution and courts have condemned all representatives of state associations to issue blood feud certificates without archiving the case for pursuit and opinion at the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation because they have abandoned the process of reconciliation and bring confusion in Western countries, with tragic consequences for many individuals and families who were killed just returning to Albania because of denial of asylum.

NRC has its cooperation with the Holy See and international organizations like the UN, OSCE, EC, etc., but this cooperation must be strengthened towards the protection of the right to life of Albanians endangered in Albania murders. Having the support of Pope Francis has become possible for the Catholic churches of Western Europe have become more protective of the Albanians in exile endangered by enmities.
State Police does attempts to ban the killings but it is impossible protecting families involved in blood feud because of a distorted Canon mentality that applies to secret murders including innocent women and children. January 2016 started with the tragic, barbaric murders on revenge and honor, by the deformation of the Canon mentality. Dated January 1, 2016, in the district of Saranda, Afrim Uzo kills his wife in front of their children who had a police order for protection.

Dated January 2, Aleksander Dushaj returned from immigration, murders brothers Abdullaand Skender Shkembi  in Shkodra because they had rejected the request to give their  sister for wife. On date January 3 former police officer Dritan Lorenci in Lezhe was killed for revenge due to involvement in a dispute before the court four years ago. On January 4 was killed for revenge in Kavaja Ismet Xhani from Xhevdet Saraci for cutting a poplar tree  without permission of the owner.

On January 6 Andrea Billo was killed for revenge once it was discovered that he had returned from exile. On  January 7 Gazmend Çollaku was killed for revenge after an abduction disguised in police uniforms. Conflicts for the property, land, honor, arranged engagements, momentous conflicts, etc., have brought many murders that police could never how to prevent although is making maximum efforts to prevent crime. Missionaries of reconciliation have been able to prevent many of the killings and the situation in general there has an improvement trend, however, it can't yet be talked about of a guarantee the lives of citizens,  as is talked in a irresponsible way by  immigration representatives of some Western countries that with the refusal of asylum requests have caused more suffering and tragedies of innocent Albanian families by helping ISIS for recruitment.

For the national Assembly of Reconciliation Missionaries

Mahmut Coka  
Zef Cara
 Sali Gera
General Secretary

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For Nationwide Reconciliation Committee
Gjin Marku
Tirana January 20, 2016

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Gjakmarrja ne Keshillin e Sigurimit te OKB

Blood feud in Sicurity Council of UN

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:: Church decree
Statement about the decree of the Catholic Church for the excommunication of citizens who commit murder for revenge and blood feud.
:: Kultura e Ligjit/ The culture of Law
Kultura e Ligjit
Raport i takimit te Komitetit te Pajtimit Mbarekombetar me perfaqesuesit e komunitetit e faktoreve te shoqerise Per Kulturen e Ligjit dhe Shtetin e se Drejtes Perballe Krimeve Kunder Jetes

The culture of Law
From the meeting of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation with representatives of the community and social factors. About the culture of law and rule of Justice in facing crimes against human life

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