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Conclusion of reconciliation expedition 2013

Konkluzionet e ekspedites se Pajtimit 2013


First part Rapport of Reconcilation Expedition 2012



False allegation of Police against CNR and Gjin Marku

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Bashkejetesa Shqiptaro-Serbe

Albanian-Serb Cohabitation

20 Mars- 20 Maj 2011
Raport i Ekspedites per OSBE/ODIR

20 March- 20 May 2011
Report of Reconcilation Expedition 2011

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20 Maj- 8 Korrik 2005
Ekspeditë e Misionarëve

May 20 - July 8 2005
Expedition of Missionaries

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2 year expedition of reconciliation.
                January 2015- December 2016

2-year organization of Reconciliation Expedition
In 2015 the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation with its territorial reform changed some of the organizations of working groups and reconciliation programs adjusting them to the new territorial map and the terms of reconciliation process. The groups of reconciliation missionaries from the municipal units that were not involved in the new territorial map joined the missionaries groups in 60 new municipalities. These organizations were made according to the communication closeness among the area missionaries, their acquaintances in community, their adjustment in the territory and the reconciliation tradition in every area.
Despite the changes in the administrative division of the country, the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation together with the reconciliation expeditions continued to lead and organize the reconciliation process in national rank in all the territories of the municipalities of the country, in 2800 villages and 60 municipalities, thus bringing the dialogue among the families in enmity and the prevention of killings. The expeditions were organized on the basis of a 2 year planning with annual and monthly programs or short-term ones in the eve of religious or national celebrations. The reconciliation expeditions have been operating on the basis of volunteer work according to tradition without any financial support from donors, state or businesses.

Reconciliation expeditions and CNR sometimes have found the appreciation and support of Holy Seat and Pope Francis for the hard work and the commitment in the reconciliation process. The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation has been appraised by Albanian government as well as the representatives of EU and USA for the strategy in the process of reconciliation of the families in enmity, the tradition in support of the state of rule and law, promotion of culture of law, protection of democracy values, human rights, religious coexistence and the integration of the country in European Union.

The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation has cooperated without interruption with the organization of United Nations, as well as the governments and immigration courts of western countries like UK, France, Germany, Austria, Netherland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Luxemburg, Canada, US, Australia, Ireland, New Zeeland etcetera. The cooperation has consisted in the protection of the values of European Union and the right of life for the Albanian families that are endangered in Albania because of blood feud and violence in different aspects of social life caused by the inherited culture and patriarchal Kanun mentality.

The cooperation with the new government of National Renaissance, created after the elections of 2013, has been efficient in the reconciliation process and in the protection of asylum right for citizens of the families in danger in Albania. The principle stance of the Albanian Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama and the minister of Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Mr. Sajmir Tahiri, who informed the international community that Albanians immigrate not only because of economic reasons but also because of the risk to life, has prevented hundreds of killings from blood feud and various enmities. Over 80% of Albanian families, who fled from Albania provided with documents and the opinion of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation over the danger in Albania, received the protection of the right to life and asylum status in all the western countries they moved to. The protection and moral support that the government of Renaissance has given to the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation in the last three years after the false accusations and misinformation in media and internet against this Committee and its chairman Mr. Gjin Marku , have brought impressive results enabling so the unconditional release of 750 children isolated from blood feud and the reduce by 50% of the number of killings in national level. The minister of Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Mr. SajmirTahiri declared to the Albanian people that thanks to this collaboration the reconciliation and the resolution of thousands of conflicts were made possible nationally.

The reconciliation expedition made possible that in 2 years achieve 213 reconciliation among the families in enmity for killing (96 for killings inherited from the time of communist system and 107 for killings done during the post-communist transition). Many enmities were closed with reconciliation, exactly: 495 enmities for injuries, 611 enmities for honor matters, 360 enmities for the demolition of arranged engagements, 287 enmities for the domestic violence, 1413 enmities for property conflicts in the city, 2780 enmities for property conflicts in the village, 4340 enmities for insults, 1178 enmities for unreturned debts, 792 enmities for women trafficking, 65 enmities created within the family because of the appearance of homosexual tendencies, 713 enmities for adultery as well, 322 enmities for love affairs among the persons with different religion in contradiction with the tradition of the family and tribe as 1567 enmities because of the divorces. 2800 disagreements were settled, which were caused by various economic and political problems and instant conflicts that in most of the cases exceed in enmity and blood feud if not resolved amicably.

The expeditions of reconciliation missionaries, along with reconciliation, during the first months of 2015 concentrated the volunteer work in south of Albania, in 61 communes where the gas pipeline of Adriatik is extended, according to the meeting with the government officials of Albania and the team of TAP, represented by Mr. Vugar Veysalov, in order to eliminate the conflicts over the property that would impede the process of the international gas pipeline project. The cooperation of local government structures and state police in these areas with the teams of CNR as well as the right stance of TAP project leaders to respect the right of ownership, has eliminated any collision that impede the work progress of this project.
Besides working with the gas pipeline during the first 6 months of 2015, the reconciliation expeditions have also developed activities in every district to encourage the citizen participation in the electoral campaign and voting without conflicts and social clashes. In cooperation with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and the state police, CNR made it possible for the families in enmity to participate in elections at any time requested by accompanying them with reconciliation missionaries and police force since the truth was taken from the family of the enemy. The cooperation of the factors made possible that the electoral process of voting on 21st of June 2015 achieve the European standards.

The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation supported the judicial reform by leading the forum of civil society for the judicial reform and preparing the platform of submissions in front of the Minister of Justice Mr. Ylli Manjani. The Committee was the organizer of the round table of the judicial reform with the well-known representatives of civil society, of country’s political and social life and institutional actors policy-makers and law-enforcement, experts, lawyers and constitutionalists who have given and will give their contribution for the reform in justice system which is one of the most important reforms being undertaken by the Albanian government and parliament. CNR and the Global Center for fairness and transparency in Albania made submissions to the Minister of Justice for the reform in justice before the approval of constitutional amendments. The Minister of Justice Mr. Ylli Manjani, along with the assessment for the submissions over the reform in justice, thanked the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation for the work done nationally and the stopping of killings and resolution of conflicts and emphasized that the Ministry of Justice will establish the courts of peace according to the Albanian tradition in cooperation with CNR.

Mobilization of expedition
The 2 year expedition mobilized the permanent working groups of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation in 2800 villages and 60 municipalities led by the main missionary, the representative of the school and the representative of local power, engaging in total 2900 teachers and school principals, 2600 representatives of local power in villages, 1600 employees and teachers in municipalities and cities and 9200 reconciliation missionaries. These volunteer groups have followed and kept under control the situation of the conflicts and enmities voluntarily without any financial support from state, donors or businesses.

The reconciliation expeditions have worked without any interruption with the citizens for the support of the reforms as well as the spread of the culture of law and order in communities applying the tradition in support of the state of rue and law. The government of National Renaissance formed in September of 213 supported the strategy of CNR in the reconciliation process and the protection of the citizens’ rights who immigrate because of the risk of life from blood feud and violence in different aspects of the inherited patriarchal society. The experience of CNR has brought in any case the long-term reconciliation of the families because this reconciliation is based in the positive Albanian tradition. With the application of tradition in support of the state of rule and law, CNR has found the support of people and has secured a permanent reputation because it works voluntarily, without donors and projects. Thanks to this support the expeditions achieved to resolve 40-50% of conflicts and enmities by agreement and reconciliation each year.

The expedition found that there are still individuals and groups in terrain that work for the abandonment of reconciliation process as was operated by the dark structures of organized crime in cooperation with incriminated parts of government in 2010-2014. This criminal cooperation funded by organized crime and terrorism was a result of the open criticism that CNR made in public against high corruption in administration, justice and state police and against the government relations with the traffickers of guns, drugs and smugglings of goods that had as a consequence the killing of thousands of Albanians. The appeal of CNR in the Human Rights Court is Strasbourg and in The Hague court against this incriminated government brought the one sided interruption of cooperation with the Committee and the abandonment of reconciliation process, doubling so the number of killings in Albania and the organizing of scenarios to ruin the image of CNR. The false allegations from police against CNR and their publication in media and internet, were severe acts not only against the reconciliation process within Albania but also against the immigrants that fled Albania because of blood feud. Unfortunately this misinformation and frauds in media became references for some officers and judges of immigration weighing so on the life of the immigrants whose asylum requests were unjustly rejected and a part of whom were killed after they were deported in Albania.

The Committee found that in the administrative and penal courts there are 340 thousand files of sharp conflicts. In 40% of these conflicts the parts are receded to solve their case by self-justice because they have no faith in justice. For the solution of these conflicts, the missionaries of reconciliation are engaged and led by CNR as the only mediation institution trusted by citizens and the government of National Renaissance. This belief is a result of the honest and voluntarily activities of the missionaries of this Committee. The implication of other institutions, even the offices of ombudsman, in corrupt practices to attract funds on behalf of the families in blood feud has mobilized the criminal groups and individuals linked to the structures of organized crime and human trafficking to incite the phenomena of blood feud and lead the citizens toward murder. After the signing of cooperation between the ombudsman and some irresponsible individuals and groups that receive funds on behalf of families in enmity and blood feud, 76 million euros are taken from the foreign donors and local businesses but not a penny has been delivered to these families.

The ombudsman, without the knowledge of CNR, has signed cooperation memoranda with these individuals and ghost organizations that have no connection with the reconciliation process bur are created with the aim of acquisition of money on behalf of the families in enmity. The reconciliation missionaries have been confronted many times with the frauds of individuals that have created pseudo-missions, pseudo societies and pseudo institutes under attractive names like: The reconciliation mission “Mother Teresa”, Institute of the Home of Justice, Institute of Reconciliation Mission, National mission of blood reconciliation, Teachers for Isolated Children, The linkage of reconciliation and blood missionaries etc. Some of them have signed cooperation contracts with the ombudsman without any reconciliation activity but they pay the media as well as pyramid schemes for criminal frauds against the families in enmity absorbing their money.

The Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation has asked the Albanian authorities to end this fraud farce with all these false acts of cooperation with the ombudsman or other institutions of public administration without the knowledge of CNR. The expedition of reconciliation has concluded with regret that some immigration offices and courts in western countries ask the families that immigrate due to blood feud to receive certificates from these incriminated pseudo-missions or pseudo-institutes which are in the list of cooperation of ombudsman thus favoring the organized crime of forging, human trafficking and terrorism. The recommendationno.1716 dated 29/09/2009-MPCSSHB of Albanian government for the national and international institutions, that asks for the verification of blood feud cases only through the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation was retransferred in September 2014 to all the local prosecutors and courts from the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Erion Velija.

Based on this recommendation, the prosecutors and courts during 2015 and 2016 sentenced all the representatives of state bodies and NGOs that have issued certificates for blood feud without archiving the case for pursuit and review by the CNR. The Ministry of Domestic Affairs has instructed the state institutions not to issue any certificates for enmity and blood feud because they are often subjects of corruption from the state representatives and it is in contradiction with the interest of the integration of the country in EU. Recommendation no. 1716 dated 29/09/2009, MPCSSHB says that all the local and international institutions must refer to CNR for the verification of enmity cases and conflicts for blood feud in order to eliminate the fictive data and abuses. The  Opinion, certifications or the confirmation of blood feud case must be singed only by MR. Gjin Marku as the chairman of the cOMMITTEE OF nATIONWIDE rECONCILIATION. No other organization or Albanian state institution is authorized to issue such certifications.

The recommendation of Albanian government no. 1716 dated 29/09/2009, MPCSSHB, is issued according to the reports of US state department of 2005, 2006 that are referred to CNR for the data over the families in enmity as well as to the reports of reconciliation expeditions, national conference decisions, and congresses of reconciliation missionaries, law no. 8465 dated 11/03/1999, law no. 8788 dated 07/05/2001 over NGOs, decisions no. 3190 and 3190/1 of the court of Tirana about the activity of CNR: www.pajtimi.com. The decisions of national conferences and reconciliation missionaries congresses where also the representatives of Albanian state institutions were present, ask that all the blood feud cases be archived for review and pursue by the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation because CNR is the leading forum of all the reconciliation organizations and missions by the final decision of the court and has full structures to follow with priority all the blood feud cases in all the Albanian territory, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro. No institution, organization or individual has this expertise, capacity and experience of the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation for the phenomena of blood feud, reconciliation process, mediation and resolution of conflicts.

CNR has found the support of the Albanian courts and prosecution because they have faced false accusations and slander in order to damage the image of the committee, abandon the reconciliation process and promote the killings to Albanians from groups and individuals related to the organized crime, corruption, human trafficking and terrorism. Albanian courts and prosecution are informed that these criminal groups also intended to issue the blood feud certificates in cooperation with corrupted employees of public administration, police as well as individuals that have created “Reconciliation” NGOs for the purpose of monetary profits and dark intentions. These groups have sometimes initiated false allegations and false accusations against CNR and its chairman Mr. Gjin Marku to eliminate the possibility of verification of blood feud certifications that are issued by these criminal individuals and groups, since during the practice of immigration commissions and courts, the verification of these documents is done through CNR.

The Albanian prosecution and courts are informed that some officers of immigration offices from western countries photocopy the immigration documents and send them to the Albanian state offices spreading really sensitive information in contradiction to the international conventions, law for the protection of personal data and the life of Albanian immigrants. All these documents that are photocopied and sent for verification in policy or to the representatives of local power have turned into a potential risk for the spreading of information, revealing of the location of the immigrants in and out of Albania for blood feud. In other cases these photocopies have become a profiting business of irresponsible officers of police or representatives of local power that call the representatives or the relatives of the families to take them 2000-3000 Euros in order to give a positive answer to the western countries. The families in danger in most of the cases are forced to pay in order that their relatives do not return in Albania and get killed. This criminal compromise of blood feud cases made the government of National Renaissance and Albanian police after 2013 send in front of justice many representatives of local power and police and communicate only with CNR for the problems of families in enmity.

CNR has asked the police and prosecution to not get engaged with the embassies in such actions against the international conventions for immigration because these are actions in flagrant violation of citizen rights defined in all the constitutions of member states of UN. State police which has played an effective role in the prevention of killings and crime detection verifies only through CNR the problems of the families in enmity, being convinced and in high level of professionalism that this difficult phenomena is cultural and requires an effective solution only according to the tradition and the expertise of CNR, because the involvement of Police aggravates further the problem among the parts. After increasing the sentence for the killings for blood feud, the number of these killings was actually increased as a consequence of the revolt against the irresponsibility’s of legislators in the absence of justice. The blood feud has been aggravated in all the cases where the police intervened through legal means and not through the cooperation with CNR according to the tradition and ethics that this phenomena requires. The police structures in the last three years are in the best level of detection of crime of all kids thus have smartly decided to directly cooperate with CNR for the specific cases of blood feud making it possible to reduce the number of killings about 50%.

The new government resulting from the elections of 2013 immediately established through the office of Prime Minister the contacts of cooperation with the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and condemned the acts in media and internet that seek to impede the process of reconciliation through false penal allegations intending to ruin the image of CNR and its chairman Mr. Gjin Marku, and to incite the blood feud through internet to the families that are in reconciliation process.

The government has dismissed and sent to prosecution the police officers that were implicated in these false allegations like Agron Kullicaj former Vice General Director of police, Arjan Hoxha former chief of the sector against economic crime in Tirana Police, Oltion Demiraj former police officer in the directorate of Police in Tirana etc. CNR was informed in 2012 from the isolated citizen, Elmir Guri, that he was violated and tortured from police officers of Tirana to make false allegations that he was not in blood feud and that he had received a false certification from CNR with the purpose of gaining the asylum right. The Prosecution of Tirana through the correct investigation totally proved that Elmir Guri was in blood feud. These false allegations were accompanied by a recording montage of the show Fiks Fare of the television channel Top Channel, which the Prosecution rejected as an illegal manipulation because the citizen that made these recordings was actually in blood feud and she declared in tears in front of the committee that she was in enmity and that the recording part where this enmity was verified by the committee was deleted from the video record.  

The payment of 0.1% of minimal costs of this case was verified that it was made by the initiative of the citizen who showed in the office of the Committee for the costs of travels in Macedonia, translations and accommodation of the groups of missionaries groups according to the law. The Prosecution has verified that a reconciliation process lasts from one to thirty years and has a cost that goes from 3 to 30 thousand euros but is voluntarily covered from reconciliation missionaries and leaders of CNR, since the families cannot pay more than 0.1% of the minimal cost. The Prosecution and courts have verified that there was no money paid for the certifications issued by the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and that they are issued only when the case is archived for pursuance, but the reconciliation is not yet achieved, according to the need and request of the family in danger.

The Prosecution has sent for trial in the Court of Lushnja, the slanders in media and internet against the reconciliation missionaries and the chairman of CNR made by Niko Kuri(Ervion Cara) who in 2012 stole the camera and work videos of CNR to deform and associate them with slanders and false montages in internet and police. This person is an individual incriminated in theft and fraud who left home at the age of 14. He keeps hiding even though he is required by the court and has not showed even in his parent’s home since the day of the stealing of camera and filming objects of CNR in December of 2012. Aside his films in internet, his sayings that he is an investigative journalist are also frauds and do not correspond neither to the reality nor to the videos that he has stolen and processed according to his slanders.

The montages fabricated by the police of Tirana forSkeja family against CNR revealed in front of the prosecution and court that Skeja family was really in blood feud with Istrefi family and some other families. The changing of the name of the enemy of Skeja family (from Xhemali Istrefi to Sulejman Istrefi) was done by Skeja family in cooperation with the representatives of local power in Dibra and Tirana because Skeja family feared the members of the family of Xhemali Istrefi. The file of the prosecutor for the case of Skeja provides totally false data and fabricated montages from the above mentioned robber Niko Kuri- Ervion Cara, montages of working videos of reconciliation missionaries in cooperation with the officer of judicial police, Eltion Demiraj. As in the case of violence and pressure against Mr. Elmir Guri, the police officers of Tirana have called the son of Skeja family, Mr. Abdulla Skeja asking him through pressures and violence to make false declaration that he was in the office of the chairman of CNR, Mr. Gjin Marku to obtain a false certification. Abdulla Skeja has claimed in front of the prosecution that he had made false allegations because he does not know Mr. Gjin Marku and never been to his office. The false allegations were also accepted by the father of Abdulla Skeja, Mr. Zabit Skeja in front of the police and prosecutor, who declared that is really in blood feud with Xhemali Istrefi’s family since his father killed Xhemali Istrefi, but emphasized the name of Sulejman Istrefi who was alive because did not want to aggravate the enmity with Xhemali Istrefi’s family which could be called by the prosecutor and thus aggravate the blood feud.

The prosecution and courts have verified that the montages published in media and internet from these incriminated individuals against CNR have unjustly become a harmful reference of some western courts decisions which reject the asylum and consequently have brought the deportation and killings for blood feud of the citizens who returned to Albania. The information about the decisions of asylum rejection based on disinformation against CNR were brought into the attention of Prosecutor and state institutions from Melita Ziza, mother of Saimir Ziza who was killed three months after his deportation, and from GjonMhilli to whom were committed several attacks after his returning in Albania because his asylum right was rejected based on the montage of the show Fiks Fare and the slanders in media and internet from Niko Kuri (Ervion Cara) against CNR and Mr. Gjin Marku. Gjon Mhilli has requested the Prosecutor that Niko Kuri – Ervion Cara be prosecuted for fraud and inciting of killings together with Agim Loci who is an associate in scams against the families in enmity and inciting of killings for blood feud. The same claims about the frauds in policy and the inciting of killings from blood feud from Niko Kuri and Agim Loci were made by Llesh Prenga, Manushaqe Haxhia, Leonora Prroni, Vale Gazidede, Pjeter Marku etc. who claim that this disinformation in internet has harmed the life of their families inciting the blood feud.

Many letters have been sent to the Prosecutor and Albanian government about this criminal activity, emphasizing that the only institution that has voluntarily protected and helped the families is the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation and its chairman Mr. Gjin Marku. Even the father of the robber of the video-camera of CNR has addressed the Prime Minister, General Prosecutor, Minister of Domestic Affairs and the Directory of Police with a special request which says: “…In 2012, structures of terrorism and organized crime in state police have initiated the criminal activity of my son ErvionCara(officially known as Niko Kuri) who stole the video-camera used for the work with reconciliations. These videos are illegally published in internet with insulting and humiliating words against the reconciliation leaders and missionaries. I urge my son to come back home but he has interrupted every connection with his parents”. He also asks the police to punish the police officers who have supported and encouraged his criminal activity as well as the ones who wanted to traffic him to hide the traces of crime.

Facing this activity that boosted the killings for revenge and blood feud, CNR decided for the reconciliation expedition to not suspend their activity even for a day during 2016.

Even though the work of expedition and state police was intensified, the inciting of killings through fraud and disinformation of internet caused the starting of 2016 with tragic and barbaric killings for revenge, honor, according to the warped Kanun mentality, 25 of which within the family and in the eyes of children. On 10th of February 2016 Xhevahir Brasha, immigrant from Has district was killed for blood feud, a few days after he returned from United Kingdom. The killers received information that he was returning in Albania for a short time. In May 2016 former Prime Minister SaliBerisha, who during his time as a Prime Minister had deceived the international community declaring that Albania is a safe place, called the Albanian people from the parliament to arm themselves because Albanian families are not safe and the government cannot protect them. http://alb365.com/berisha-ne-kuvend-te-armatoset-populli-tahiri-prokuroria-ta-marre-te-pandehur.

In September 2016 the General Prosecutor, Adriatik Llalla and his family were threatened for revenge and he was forced to leave the country and seek asylum in western countries because of being in risk.

In spite of the efforts of the new government and state police, the country keeps suffering from conflicts, enmities and blood feuds which are inherited or created during transition, especially from 1990 until 2013, when the new government of National Renaissance was created, which cooperates with CNR achieving the reduce by 50% of the number of killings for enmity and blood feud. Despite all the work, millions of conflicts have remained unsolved which if not closed with reconciliation aggravate toward enmity and blood feud, exactly: 7560 conflicts because of injuries, 9701 conflicts because of domestic violence, 3400 conflict for the demolition of engagements arranged,34800 conflicts for the land in city, 98700 conflicts for the land in village, 33568 conflicts for insulting, 41890 conflicts for unreturned debts, 5260 conflicts for women trafficking, 980 conflicts within family because of the appearance of homosexual orientation, 15600 conflicts for infidelity, 13789 conflicts for love relationships among the persons with different religions in contradiction to the tradition of family, and 61567 conflicts because of divorce.

The expedition concludes that because of the law for protection of personal data and some tragic events after the reveal of the data of enmity cases, CNR gives its opinion over the danger that this families are in, to the local and international institutions, without any detailed information since the fullest confidential information about the cases in question is given only to the concerned parties with the official permission of the family or the person that is in danger.

The expedition confirms that the activity of the chairman of CNR, Mr. Gjin Marku has been and is in accordance with the Albanian Constitution without any precedents that contradict the law. Any information in media and internet against this activity is a disinformation because of the structures of organized crime and terrorism.

The reconciliation expedition asks the Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation to actively participate for the effective realization of the reform in justice in cooperation with the Albanian government and to send in front of justice all the actors that are implicated in the scenarios against CNR and his chairman, Mr. Gjin Marku thus damaging the image of this committee, abandoning the reconciliation process and damaging the life of the citizens in danger of blood feud.

This report is unanimously approved by the National Assembly of the Reconciliation Missionaries.
Tirana on December 28, 2016
For the National Assembly of Reconciliation Missionaries
Sali Gera                                                                     Mahmut CokaGeneral Secretary                                                        Chairman


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Blood feud in Sicurity Council of UN

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:: Church decree
Statement about the decree of the Catholic Church for the excommunication of citizens who commit murder for revenge and blood feud.
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The culture of Law
From the meeting of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation with representatives of the community and social factors. About the culture of law and rule of Justice in facing crimes against human life

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