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:: Expedition 2013

Conclusion of reconciliation expedition 2013

Konkluzionet e ekspedites se Pajtimit 2013


First part Rapport of Reconcilation Expedition 2012



False allegation of Police against CNR and Gjin Marku

:: Kosova

Bashkejetesa Shqiptaro-Serbe

Albanian-Serb Cohabitation

20 Mars- 20 Maj 2011
Raport i Ekspedites per OSBE/ODIR

20 March- 20 May 2011
Report of Reconcilation Expedition 2011

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Aktivitetet tona
Our Activities

20 Maj- 8 Korrik 2005
Ekspeditë e Misionarëve

May 20 - July 8 2005
Expedition of Missionaries

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Intelektuali i Kombit


By Vanesa Stjuart
“We live in a blue and green planet, with its life protection systems which served us very well until today, but we are now in such relations with the nature, which seems not to be as quiet as before…”
Frederico MAJOR (New Page)

A gigantic industry throws on the planet over billions of tons of toxic substances and polluting gases which are harming the atmosphere evidently. In some countries (including Albania), with a dizzy speed the flora and fauna disappears. Attached to this is the global warming. Many scientists have raised their voice and thousands of projects have been offered to protect life and environment but nothing has stopped the destructive rhythm. Facts show to what extent man has come against nature and how is the complicated life chain being dissolved. Men are an essential part of it. We are dependent on the vivid life for food and medicine, for the oxygen we breathe and for the elements forming our body. Some scientists assert that 50 % of all kinds of plants and animals may disappear from the earth within 50 years. The question rises by itself: Are the human activities causing the dramatic loss of life and the biological diversity? Can there be life without this beautiful and necessary variety and is recuperation possible? Are the international conventions CITES and BASEL, signed by 152 countries, applied. What about the non-participant countries like Albania, when will they adhere in these conventions? The western countries, by means of the law, have managed to put everything under control. In the same way are USA, Japan, and some countries of the Pacific. The creation of plantations, sanctuaries and the cultivation of special kinds is an aspect where the society must concentrate. Planning of saplings planting, the rational cutting and the enlargement of forests is a real tested possibility even in the totalitarian social systems.
It is more difficult for the countries in transition, but in some of them the forests spaces and the inhabitants themselves have preserved greenness intact. Prohibition of hunting would increase the number of animals and especially of the birds, which at the start of the 20th century, very often they made the sky dark during their migration. Modern science has started to explain the ecological mechanisms, which preserve the ecosystem in a stable condition.
The prohibition of the destruction of the habitat is connected with the defence of the greenness from the industrial development, demographic movements, urban constructions and the metropolises, by the erosion and flood, from fire and mines, throwing toxic substances and the atomic explosions, and the prohibition of the insertion of foreign kinds.
The protection of the variety is a need for the protection of the complicated chain of this life. In the world there are one million and a half of identified kinds, but their number is much greater. In the rain forests and in the many tropical zones, where the foot of the scholar has not managed to penetrate, there is an undiscovered world for us, that if we isolate the bad, this would enrich the planet. Now that we are starting to understand the vital role of the biodiversity, we should be very attentive.
Time is decisive and – referring to Mrs. Ruth PATRIK of the Philadelphia Natural Science Academy, USA, “…it is very necessary to undertake a deeply thought and urgent action…”

:: Gjakmarrja / Blood Feud

Gjakmarrja ne Keshillin e Sigurimit te OKB

Blood feud in Sicurity Council of UN

Leter per




:: Church decree
Statement about the decree of the Catholic Church for the excommunication of citizens who commit murder for revenge and blood feud.
:: Kultura e Ligjit/ The culture of Law
Kultura e Ligjit
Raport i takimit te Komitetit te Pajtimit Mbarekombetar me perfaqesuesit e komunitetit e faktoreve te shoqerise Per Kulturen e Ligjit dhe Shtetin e se Drejtes Perballe Krimeve Kunder Jetes

The culture of Law
From the meeting of Committee of Nationwide Reconciliation with representatives of the community and social factors. About the culture of law and rule of Justice in facing crimes against human life

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